I’m sure I could write about the Science involved in the big match that was played on Sunday night, from cutting edge fabrics to goal line technology or even the miracle of being able to broadcast the game around the World, but instead, I’m going to round up the stories that have made the non-footballing new over the last few weeks.

The tiny island nation of Nauru, in the Pacific, has requested clarification of the rules on deep sea mining, but environmental groups fear this will cause a huge number of companies to begin exploiting the resources found below the seabed.


Saiga antelope numbers in Kazakhstan have more than doubled, rising from 334,000 to 842,000 since 2019.  It was feared that the rare breed of antelope, a species which survived the last ice age, would be on the brink of extinction had the numbers continue to fall.


Sunday was not only the day of The Biggest Match for England since the 1966 World Cup, it also saw Richard Branson take a trip to the edge of space aboard a Virgin Galactic rocket plane, Unity, which has been in development for 17 years, and paves the way for the opening up of space tourism opportunities.

The flight also saw Branson beat Amazon founder, Jeff Bazos and technology entrepreneur, Elon Musk into space.  Their companies are also developing space tourism vehicles.


Two collisions between neutron stars and black holes have been detected within the space of 10 days.  This is a rare event, previously only predicted by researchers.


A group of indigenous people living in the Peruvian Amazon rainforest have been helping to reduce illegal deforestation by loggers, gold miners and drug producers, using satellite data and smart phones. Results of the project have shown a reduction of illegal logging activity by half in the first year.


This is only a selection of the stories that have made headlines in the past few weeks.  You can read more about them by following the links provided, but you may also find some more stories that interest you too!

Until next time, Keep Calm and Apply some Science!