Best known for playing Captain James T. Kirk in the original (and some would argue best), Star Trek series, William Shatner really did get the chance to blast off into space yesterday.

Kirk | Star Trek

Aged 90, the Canadian actor boarded the passenger capsule and was propelled into space, above the Karmen line – the internationally recognised edge of Space, by the Blue  in a journey that lasted about 10 minutes.

HE Space on Twitter: "#DYK where space begins? Commonly, the Kármán line at  an altitude of 100 km above the Earth's sea level is used as the start of  outer space. This

This is only the second time a Blue Origin capsule has carried passengers.  The first time being earleir this year who Amazon founder Jeff Bezos made the same journey.

New Shepard rocket - annotated image

Shatner said afterwards that “Everyone on the World needs to do this” and said it was an experience from which “I hope I never recover”

Until next time, Keep calm & apply some Science!

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