It’s time start thinking about Christmas dinner… or Christmas lunch… or whatever you call that big meal you eat on Christmas day!

Love ’em or loathe ’em, in most families, sprouts are a fixture on the table when the turkey is served!

Easy Keto Brussels Sprout Casserole Recipe - How to Make Brussels Sprout Casserole

But what are Brussels sprouts?

The humble Brussel is a brassica, a group of plants that include cabbages, broccoli , cauliflower and kohlrabi, that is grown for its edible buds, which apparently, have the best taste after they have experienced a frost – and with the weather we’ve been having recently, this year’s harvest should taste amazing!

Plants can be sown from early March to the end of April and harvested between August and December.  The plants like sunny sites which are protected from the wind with soil that has had manure and a potassium-rich fertiliser added.

As with any home-grown produce, problems are common – cabbage root fly, club root and pigeons eating the leaves, shoots and sprouts – lead to damage.  Last year, I bought a bag of emergency sprouts, because I was concerned that the ones I had grown in my garden wouldn’t be good enough for Christmas, but I needn’t have worried – they were far better than anything I have bought in the supermarket in the past.  I’ve got my crop ready for picking again this year too.

Why not try growing your own sprouts for next year – perhaps you’ll persuade a sprout-loather to try them, and even be converted to Team Sprout!

Until next time, keep calm and apply some Science!

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