December 3rd 2020 has been designated as `International day of persons with disabilities.  It aims to raise awareness of all disabilities, both visible and those which are not so obvious.

A History of Disabled Rights, taken from Twinkl:  Ever since the mid 20th century, those with disabilities have been campaigning for more recognition of disability as an aspect of identity, rather than the defining feature of a person. Here’s a brief overview of the timeline of the Disability Rights Movement:

  • The 1950s – International movement from institutionalising people with disabilities to providing those individuals with community care
  • The 1960s – The very first Paralympics Games is held, celebrating the sporting achievements of people with disabilities
  • The 1980s-90s – Many countries introduce laws that make it illegal to discriminate against people with disabilities
  • The 2000s – The UN holds the Conventions on the Rights of People with Disabilities
  • The 2010s – Steps were taken to increase the number of disabled people working and to decrease the disability employment gap

Why not read some of the links below and find out what is happening around the world?

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