It’s been a busy few weeks in the scientific world.  Here are a few of the highlights:


The thermal images of elephants that will help with conservation:

A group of 16 conservation agencies from around the world have surveyed the abundance of freshwater fish and found their numbers to be in rapid decline:

The mission to restore an Australian wetland:

A rare deer has been born at Marwell Zoo, Hampshire


How smart materials could change our lives:

Glaciers in Antarctica are flowing faster than previously:

Mount Etna, Sicily, erupted, throwing plumes of ashes and gas into the atmosphere:

A company from Devon produced the fabric used in the parachute for NASA’s Mars Rover landing.

A massive “fatberg” has been cleared from a sewer in London.


You’ve got to have been on a different planet not to know that NASA landed the Perseverance Rover on Mars last week (see previous Left-Handed Lemon post).

But with all of the satellite technology now in use, and various other pieces of Space Junk, we need a way to clear up space:

Spot, the Boston Dynamics robotic dog went on a virtual art-destroying rampage with a paintball gun, controlled at random by members of the public. Boston Dynamics were not part of the stunt and condemned the use of their robot as they were worried the technology may be used in military applications.

A new giant telescope is in the planning to listen for advanced civilisations in space:

A row has broken out over wind turbines that froze during the recent bad weather in Texas, USA.  Was the fact that they weren’t able to generate electricity really responsible for the state-wide power outages?  You decide!

There are many advances in scientific understanding happening all the time.  Lots of them will never make the news headlines, but you might be thankful for them one day!

Until next time, Keep calm and apply some Science!