British Science Week 2021 runs from this Friday, to Sunday 14th March and is a celebration of all things Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths with the theme of “Innovating for the Future.”

The website britishscienceweek.org has a wealth of resources and ideas as well as downloadable packs of activities, some of which we will be sharing on The Left-Handed Lemon Blog and the @hurworthscience Instagram account during Science Week itself.

There is also a poster competition, open to Years 7-9 on the theme of the week.  You can design and make your poster about anything you want, as long as it is about Innovating for the Future.  The closing date for entries is 30th April.  If you are planning to enter, don’t forget to email a picture to us here at school as we are holding our own, wider competition, which is not limited to simply Years 7-9 (yes, that’s right staff, you can join in too!)

The email address for entries to the school competition is:


We are very much looking forward to seeing your entries!

Look out for Friday’s post, where we will be looking at robotic arms.  To take part in the activity you will need thick cardboard, drinking straws, sellotape and string.

Until next time, Keep calm and apply some Science.