Insects are incredibly complex organisms which carry out a variety of different jobs on our planet.  Nearly all of our food requires help from insects somewhere along the line and they are remarkably powerful and skilled for their size.  In this activity you are going to design and build a bug which could help humans overcome a challenge.

Choose a goal from the table (at the bottom of the page) and read the challenges that need solving to be successful. You could also think of your own goal and list 2-3 challenges that might need to be solved for that instead!

Discover the different insects and their abilities and adaptations, (see the second table)

Think about the challenge you’re trying to solve, and which insect features are the best for solving it e.g. rescue robots might need to be good at crawling over rough ground, while ocean-exploring robots might need powerful eyes for spotting interesting things in the deep-sea.

Draw your new robot on some paper, start with the body and then add on the insect-inspired bits you want your robot to have.

Colour your robo-bug in (colours might be an important part of your design, depending on what you want your robot to be doing).

Label the robot’s features and show how they help solve the challenges for the goal you chose earlier.

You could also create a 3D robo-bug using modelling material. Place it on a piece of paper and draw arrows to label all the features.


Don’t forget to send us pictures of your robo-bug and you could be in with a chance of winning a prize!

Send your entries to

That’s it for British Science Week 2021.  We hope you enjoyed reading about and taking part in the activities we have posted.

We will be back soon, so until next time, Keep calm and apply some Science!

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