It’s day 2 of British Science Week, so why not embrace the theme of growth and have a go at growing your own vegetables?

Artichoke, beetroot, parsley and spinach can all be sewn out from seed during March, but if you fancy planting aubergine, cucumber or tender veg, you will need to sew them in a heated greenhouse.  Early tomatoes can be sewn in a heated propagator.

Vegetable Planting Calendar – UK | Love The Garden

Seeds are widely available in the supermarkets and garden centres, so why not give it a go, and grow your own food?

Once the seed is in the soil and absorbs water, it will swell and send out the root, followed by a shoot.  The plant cells will undergo the process of mitosis, as discussed in yesterday’s post, and the root and shoot tips will elongate, allowing the plant to grow.

AS with all green plants, once the shoots and leaves escape into the daylight, they will begin to photosynthesise, which involved them taking in carbon dioxide and water and releasing oxygen as a by-product.  The main product of photosynthesis, glucose, is used to power the growth of the plant

 Seasonal Gardening - March in the Flower Garden


Of course, it’ not just vegetables that can be grown from seed, you could also try sewing flowers, which could be planted out later in the season.

We’d love to see some pictures here at the Left-Handed Lemon, so don’t forget to email us with your success stories!

Until next time, keep calm and apply some Science!

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